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Welcome To My VCD Trading Page

This site is dedicated to locating, procuring, and sharing rare and hard to find media. Primarily focusing on Television programming. I am looking for anything from TV sitcoms to "Made for TV" movies to TV specials.

The preferred formats for this media is VCD or SVCD. Properly captured, these formats are the easiest and best to use (with the exception of DVD)as they don't deteriorate with each play. If you do not know what these formats are, please go to

Site News:
This site was created 2/10/2003 and is currently under construction.

Stay tuned for more information on the way!
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WKRP In Cincinatti
Arguably one of the best Television sitcoms ever made. It dealt with important and controversial issues, yet always left you laughing.

Unfortunately, WKRP only lasted four short seasons. Mostly due to the excessive amount of times it was moved from time slot to time slot. Once it had established a fair amount of viewers in one time slot it was always moved to another.

Another unfortunate is the fact that FOX has no plans to release WKRP on DVD. Apparently, they do not see it as an equitable proposition. However, I've seen the complete series on VCD sell for over $ 400.00 on ebay.

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